DECISIVe 2014 programme

08.30 Welcome
08.35 So What Are These Things Called Cognitive Biases? Geoffrey Ellis, University of Konstanz, Germany
08.52 Sources of Bias When Working With Visualisations [slides] David Peebles, University of Huddersfield, UK
09.10 Session 1
Argument Mapper: Countering Cognitive Biases in Analysis with Critical (Visual) Thinking [more details] William Wright, Oculus Info Inc., Canada
Visualization-Mediated Alleviation of the Planning Fallacy [more details] Pierre Dragicevic, INRIA, Paris, France
Cognitive Bias Mitigation Strategies in a Visual Analytics Environment for Criminal Intelligence Analysis [more details] Alexander Nussbaumer, Graz University of Technology, Austria
Accounting for Availability Biases in Information Visualization [more details] Evanthia Dimara, INRIA, Paris, France
10.10 Refreshment break
10.30 Session 2
Usability and visual attention distribution with complex, dynamic computer systems: Application to financial trading software [more details][slides] Svetlana Ognjanovic, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Countering Cognitive Biases in Maps based on Pragmatic Communication [more details] [slides] Paul Weiser, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Map Line Ups: Using Graphical Inference to Study Spatial Structure [more details][slides] Roger Beecham, City University London, UK
Bias Involved in Task-Solving Strategies [more details] Therese Dries-Tönnies, Université Montpellier, France and Siemens AG
Data Are Secular, Not Sacred [more details] [slides] Michael Correll, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
11.45 Keynote: Attacking Cognitive Bias in Intelligence Analysis: A Framework for Investigating the Efficacy of Bias Mitigation Techniques [more details] Donald Kretz, University of Texas at Dallas and Raytheon Co., USA
12.10 Lunch
13.45 Session 3
Group activity (see authors portal)
14.45 Refreshment break
15.00 Session 4
Compensation of Contrast Effects for Dynamic Visualizations [more details] Sebastian Mittelstädt, University of Konstanz, Germany
A Pragmatic Approach to Biases in Visual Data Analysis [more details][slides] Toni Verbeiren, ESAT/STADIUS – KU Leuven, Belgium
Quantum Approaches for Cognitive Bias Modelling – A Survey [more details][slides] Juergen Hahn, TU Vienna, Austria
Cognitive Discourse Analysis for cognitively supportive visualizations [more details] [slides] Thora Tenbrink, Bangor University, UK
Using Eye Tracking to Assess Cognitive Biases: A Position Paper [more details] Laura Matzen, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
A cognitive architecture-based modelling approach to understanding biases in visualisation [more details] [slides] David Peebles, University of Huddersfield, UK
Eye Tracking Framework for Analyzing Cognitive Bias [more details] Michael Raschke, University of Stuttgart, Germany
16.45 Refreshment break
17.10 Session 5 – Open discussion and planning for the future
18.00 Fin

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