About the workshop

The 1st Workshop on Dealing with Cognitive Biases in Visualisations was held as part of IEEE VIS 2014, in Paris, 9-14 November

The workshop attracted 19 extended abstract submissions of which 16 were accepted for presentation. The interdisciplinary nature of the authors (from InfoVis, psychology, cognitive linguistics, geoVis, cognitive science, visual analytics, geo information, HCI, data science and AI) created an exciting mix of topics, including eye tracking, intelligence analysis, cognitive modelling, visualising decision making, cognitive discourse analysis, financial trading, mitigation strategies in visual analytics and geo-visualisation. In the 1-day workshop, the morning session, with introductory talks, a keynote and short presentations (see programme) attracted upwards of 80 people. The afternoon session was attended by mostly presenters, and in a practical exercise, 5 groups of attendees had 45 minutes each to come up with a possible solution to mitigate a particular cognitive bias. Each group then presented their solution. This promoted interaction within the groups and discussion during the group presentations. Feedback from one of the attendee provides a good summary of the outcome of the workshop,

“Biases in our thinking and decision-making, despite being crucial to understanding how we make use of data, are often overlooked in visualization. DECISIVe 2014 brought together perspectives from psychology, perception, and data domains to address this oversight, and to influence how we design visualizations for the better.”

Following the workshop, eight authors expressed their wish to submit a full paper. These went through a peer review cycle and five were published in a digital library. (See papers)


Geoffrey Ellis, University of Konstanz, Germany
David Peebles, University of Huddersfield, UK
Donald Kretz, Raytheon, USA
Gaëlle Lortal, THALES Research & Technology, Paris

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