Afternoon session

In the afternoon session the participants split into 4 groups, by drawing numbers from a conference bag.  They were set the task of considering a particular cognitive bias in the context of visualisation and then coming up with possible ways to mitigate the bias. After lots of discussion, laughter and scribbling on the flip charts, each group presented their ideas to the other groups.

Group 1

Paul Parsons, Margit Pohl and Poorna Sukumar finished assembling some innovative ideas with the help of an allen key  to cope with the IKEA Effect



Group 2

Kathrin Ballweg and Dirk Streeb successfully avoid putting their heads in the sand whilst coming up with grains of genius for dealing with the Ostrich Effect

Group 3

Hamid Mansoor, Cindy Xiong, Caitlyn McColeman and Teri making sure they all made an equal contribution whilst getting their ideas in line to tackle the Serial Position Effect

Group 4

Steven Franconeri, Michael Sedlmair and Bernice Rogowitz manage to avoid squashing their thumbs and generally remained inconspicuous whilst dealing with the Von Restorff Effect

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