Monday 2 October 2017

Many thanks to all our presenters and also to our attentive audience who, from all accounts, made this a very successful workshop. Video of the presentations (slides and audio) will be available as soon as this is provided by the conference. Abstracts and full text is available by following the .

Morning session (8.30 – 12.10)

Room 105 – ABC (see map)

Introduction Geoff Ellis
A Framework for Studying Biases in Visualization Research   Michael Sedlmair, University of Vienna
  Four Perspectives on Human Bias in Visual Analytics   Emily Wall, Georgia Tech
  The Curse of Knowledge in Visual Data Communication    Cindy Xiong, Northwestern University
  Bias by default? A means for a priori interface measurement   Joseph Cottam, Pacific Northwest Labs
Towards a Bayesian Model of Data Visualization Cognition   Yifan Wu, UC Berkeley
  Discovering Cognitive Biases in a Visual Analytics Environment   Michael Bedek, Graz University of Technology
  Towards Understanding Familiarity Related Cognitive Biases in Visualization Design and Usage   Aritra Dasgupta, Pacific Northwest Labs
10.10  Refreshment break
Data Visualization Literacy and Visualization Biases: Cases for Merging Parallel Threads   Hamid Mansoor, Worcester Polytechnic
  Promoting Representational Fluency for Cognitive Bias Mitigation in Information Visualization   Paul Parsons, Purdue University
  The Biases of Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow   Dirk Streeb, University of Konstanz
  Cognitive Biases in Visual Analytics – A Critical Reflection   Margit Pohl, University of Vienna
Designing Breadth-Oriented Data Exploration for Mitigating Cognitive Biases   Terrance Law, Georgia Tech
  Holistic Reviews in Admissions: Reviewer Biases and Visualization Strategies to Mitigate Them   Poorna Talkad Sukumar, University of Notre Dame, Indiana
  Black Hat Visualization   Michael Correll, University of Washington
Round Up Alex Endert
12.10 Lunch

Afternoon session (2.00 – 5.00)

Room 103 – A   

See what the groups got up to in this interesting afternoon session

Geoffrey Ellis, Data Analysis and Visualisation group, University of Konstanz, Germany
Evanthia Dimara, AVIZ team, INRIA, France
Donald Kretz, Applied Research Associates, USA
Alex Endert, Visual Analytics Lab, Georgia Tech, USA

This workshop is supported by the EU project Visual Analytics for Sense-making in Criminal Intelligence Analysis (VALCRI) under grant number FP7-SEC-2013-608142.

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